Showcase your Idea | Get an Interview!
14 - 15 December 2018 | Sterlings Mac Hotel Bengaluru, Old Airport Road

Are you ready for the challenge?

Present your solution to a problem statement and stand a chance to win the “Breakthrough Innovator” award, along with a participation certificate and the best will get a job offer for a Associate Product Manager opportunity at Digital Harbor.

What's the big deal?

Digital Harbor, the pioneers of Human Literate Technologies, calls upon the most innovative Product Management/Aspiring Product Management professionals to participate in a challenging hackathon.

How does it happen?

Digital Harbor will be presenting a story, narrated by the team members, encapsulating some pain points of collaborating among analysts while working on complex, interconnected, data -rich cases.

Participants are expected to come up with solutions that innovatively addresses the pain points and bring delight to the users.

Day 1: Presentation by Digital Harbor and Participants Q&A (4:00 pm, 14th Dec)
Participants may ask questions to the Digital Harbor team to clarify doubts and may use various elicitation techniques to generate input and prioritize user needs, after the Presentation by Digital Harbor. The team will also share an email id and respond to pertinent questions sent to it, after the session.

Day 2: Presentation by shortlisted Participants (2:00 pm onwards, 15th Dec)
Shortlisted participant will be asked to present their idea to an open audience, within a limited amount of time, followed by Q&A.

Participants would be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Whether the product solves a true problem
  • Uniqueness of the solution
  • How executable is the idea

What Happens Next?

1. Get your Delegate Pass for the PLF Conference.
2. Interact with Hiring Managers on Day 1.
3. Present on Day 2
4. Special Awards for the best pitches and the top solutions also stand a chance to join the Digital Harbor product management group (PMG). PM Openings here