What is Productathon?

Productathon is an event to create and pitch a financially viable real world product to address a problem an industry is facing. Over the seven weeks you will get resources, lessons, mentoring, and guidance to create a great product. Unlike a hackathon, the focus here is on creating a real product prototype that is backed by a strong business model.

What is the difference between Productathon and Hackathon?

While Hackathons are great, and help budding developers showcase their talent, they generally tend to be for assessing a developers skills, or to solve a coding challenge. Few hackathons result in real world products.
Productathon is for building a real world product, including a business model, financial plan, customer research etc. In brief, Productathon requires you to become the product manager for your product.

Who can participate ?

The registration is open to all.

Why does this take 7 weeks ?

The entire challenge will take at least 7 weeks as per our assessment. Participants can finish some of the stages faster too. Productathon has 5 stages, and each stage requires preparation, coordination, and research from the participant.
Also, because most participants will be working in a full time job, it will be very taxing to try to finish this in shorter time period. We suggest an investment of 20-25 hours per week for successfully completing the challenge.

Should i bring developers for prototyping ?

Yes, if you have access to developers, please bring them on board.

What is expected each week ?

We have milestones to achive each week, and you will be guided by the platform provided by First Hundred Sales.

What resources will be available ?

Each week we will release videos (courtesy Institute of Product Leadership), that will help you learn the tricks to achieve that weeks milestone. You will have all the resources available from First Hundred Sales platform, including mentors, guidelines, toolkits, and templates.

Plus we are always reachable at showcase@ipl.edu.in

Will I get mentoring for the
challenge ?

Yes, via the First Hundred Sales platform.

Why should i attend ?

Attend for bragging rights, attend to prove that you can create a product, attend to get hired by awesome product companies, attend to build something unique, or attend because you love a good challenge.

What do i win ?

A chance to get hired by our hiring partners, experience a great network of peers, a great product idea that you can develop on your own, get a chance for funding, and a chance to be incubated by companies.

I have a doubt, whom should i contact ?

Drop an email at showcase@ipl.edu.in.