Take charge to turbo-charge your career path

Dorit Sher – management, organization and career strategist’s quote “Your career is your business. It’s time to manage it as a CEO.” hits the nail on its head.

Let’s face it, it is each one’s responsibility to chart out the path we desire for ourselves. But often times, isn’t that easier said than done. Ofcourse we all have passions, we all have aspirations, but often times the paths are unclear or the seemingly daunting journey overpowers our dreams and we settle for less.

If you are a product leader and face that challenge, worry not any more. PLF 2015 has dediced an entire track to help practicing and aspiring product leaders to accelerate their career paths! The sessions and speakers are hand-picked to provide deep, actionable insights to all key career aspirations and career paths.

We are pleased to announce the most distinguised speakers for all dream personas. Discover your calling!

  • Intrapreneurs: By definition an intrapreneur is a person within a corporation who has the opportunity and resources to initiative projects, business ventures, etc. to revitalize business performance. In essence the entrepreneur inside an organization! Learn how to groom the intrapreneur from no one other than Ravi Gururaj who is a serial entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor, Tech Exec, Evangelist and leader on various forums!
  • Product Managers: Product Management from India—a mirage or a reality? If that is a question you still have in mind, listen to practitioners Ram Narayan, Vijay Anand and Sanjeev Kumar talk about the secret sauces that help bring out the opportunities from challenges and make this diamond function shine in India!


If you are an aspiring product manager, gurus like Tathagat Verma, Saran Chatterjee, Piyush Shah will shed light on how one can navigate to the role, what are the key skillsets and deliverables to become a credible product manager.

  • Entrepreneurs: Be it finding the calling, be it learning the ropes, be it the risk taking appetite/readiness—whatever may be the reason, the time is always right when you find it! It is never too late to start-up. Hear from seasoned start-up gurus like Shekhar Kirani, Nandini Vaidyanathan, Sharad Sharma, Ravi Gururaj, Sanjay Anandram and the likes on the art of start after 30!
  • CTO: Of course I am a techie and I like being a techie. That’s my passion. If that describes you, you want to listen to veterans on preparing for and scaling the path to being a CTO!
  • UX: User experience doesn’t end but only starts with wire-framing! Gaurav Mathur and Jay Datta provide insights on how it can not only help you design better customer experiences but also bring sensibilities to other roles.